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Deep Errors in Science Due to Computer Modeling

Climate Dog of Neil deGrasse Tyson

Flaws found in Beyond Science Beyond Science seems to imply that the Gulf of Mexico ought to be "saved." But, the science is flawed and the benefits are not proven and obvious costs are ignored.

Bridge of Asses Questions the depth of mathematical perception in the environmental sciences.

Hypoxia or Hubris (error of von Neumann's Elephant) Illustrates how computer-modeling is not understood by many of its practitioners and this results in false beliefs in the Public and bad advice accepted in governments.

Stratification Isn't Causal Details of one small flaw in reasoning.

"Pycnocline" Example of poor definition of terms.

Measuring Hypoxia for Modeling Badly done - how to do better.

The inventor, author of this website:

Douglas Moreman
Convexly Topological Space circa 1972-1979
Ethorobotics 1995
Detecting ailments aggravated by Vitamin D Deficiency
Distributed Observatory of Many Earth Sciences
Decoding the imaging sonar of dolphins

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Climate Links