The First Patent:
"Echo scope"

by Douglas Moreman
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The patent is long and many parts of it are no longer being developed.
Click for an introduction to some parts that might hold up over time.

United States Patent 7,379,384
Moreman May 27, 2008
Echo scope


The present invention is a new technology for producing images which uses echoes of a single brief signal, or "click". A "click" is transduced by multiple sensors and then digitally sampled. Digitized signals are computer analyzed for fine details of each rise and fall. The signal details, based on individual instants of time, from the various sensors of a set are referenced to points in space, producing 3D models of echoing objects from set-based entities of information. Mathematical methods of correlation and of Fourier analysis are thus avoided. Many of the methods may also apply to passive sonar as well as multiple other types of waves.
Inventors: Moreman; Douglas (Baton Rouge, LA)
Filed: November 21, 2006

Here is the patent "Echo scope" in the U.S. Patent Office .